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A Summer Writing Project your PreK-8 Children Will Love!

Schools out for summer and the kids are home. I can attest to the validity of studies suggesting that students can digress academically over the summer. It can take up to six weeks of review just to put them back at the level they were prior to summer break. What would help them stay at […]

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Are you Waiting? Living Life Together: Inspiration # 5

The storm passed, taking with it sheets of rain and fierce winds, resulting in a cloudless, perfect sky. It was during this storm that I waited for my daughter to meet up with us. After a three hour drive she … Continue reading

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The Hope of Good Friday

Circumstances are difficult. Questions and confusion fog your mind.  Indecisiveness, fear, and worry keep you awake at night. If this describes you… Good Friday is your promise of hope. We call it Good Friday because we know the outcome. God’s … Continue reading

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Polished~ Biblical Womanhood

In April 2015, skincare and beauty line Dove posed a world-wide question to women in which they were asked to walk through one of two doors. One door was labeled “beautiful” and the other door was “average.” A shocking 96 … Continue reading

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The Right Door- Living Life Together: Inspiration # 4

We all desire the right door be opened to us. God will not open a door that would require us to be disobedient to His word. Neither does He open a door just to let us wander on our own. … Continue reading

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Before You Speak to Another…

I found this note in my car today. The note was mistakenly left there. You see, yesterday my friend and I were sitting in my parked car, praying and preparing to make a phone call to another friend. The confrontational … Continue reading

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31 Years in Character Building School: Marriage

I have no formal training on how to be a wife or be married. I have, though, been in the Marriage classroom for 31 years. In this school, I’ve learned amazing life lessons. Struggles refined my character. Hardship gave me … Continue reading

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