Welcome to my blog!

Many of my stories are inspired by my son, Will. Here’s a little more about him:

The infamous Will. If you’ve been my friend or student at some time during the past 17 years then you know Will. He was often the opening example of “what not to do” for many of my classes and the comic relief for others. Yes, Will was a funny little guy… “was” being the operative word because now that he’s 17 his antics aren’t as funny as they are scary. Having never raised a teen-age boy before, I hadn’t experienced the pleasure of his blowing something up in the yard or making circles in the grass with dad’s truck. I guess putting batteries in the microwave at age two should have been a clue of wonders to come. Throughout his funny little life however, I saw glimpses of God—God opening my eyes and teaching me Biblical lessons using the everyday experiences of my little Will.



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