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A Strong Math Foundation: Ages 3-5

Summer is here! Maybe your preschooler is on his/her way to kindergarten in August. Or perhaps your have a rising first grader who could use a review. Here’s something you can do with your kiddos to help them be prepared for the math they will do. Before children can do basic addition and subtraction, they […]

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Letting Go-Living Life Together:Inspiration #6

Letting go of the past isn’t always easy. For most though, the decision to “let go” catapults us into a new beginning, either physically or emotionally. Today I symbolically let go of a 35 year teaching career by handing over … Continue reading

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A Summer Writing Project your PreK-8 Children Will Love!

Schools out for summer and the kids are home. I can attest to the validity of studies suggesting that students can digress academically over the summer. It can take up to six weeks of review just to put them back at the level they were prior to summer break. What would help them stay at […]

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Are you Waiting? Living Life Together: Inspiration # 5

The storm passed, taking with it sheets of rain and fierce winds, resulting in a cloudless, perfect sky. It was during this storm that I waited for my daughter to meet up with us. After a three hour drive she … Continue reading

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