9 Ways to Shine Brightly Today!

Sometimes the dreary weather can hit us hard. But let’s still shine the light!

Shining Together!

happy students giving high five at schoolFebruary. Smack dab in the middle of winter. Maybe the sky is dark and there is a cold rain outside your window. Perhaps ice cycles hang from the handrail leading up to your school or work. (That is, unless you live in the Deep South!)

But even on the coldest of days we can shine our light and radiate the warm love of Jesus.

Matthew 5:16 says, Let your light shine so that others will see your good works and give Me praise and glory.

The following are some practical ways in which we can shine for Jesus in any situation.

  1. Smile at the people around you. It’s perfectly okay for you to smile when you are sad and suffering. It means you have the peace of Jesus and the calm assurance that He is working on your behalf. Smile at an employee at your work, someone new to Bible…

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One Response to 9 Ways to Shine Brightly Today!

  1. As always inspirational and practical in the midst of the tough stuff of life. Love you, my friend.

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