me and emmaGod is connecting the “people-dots” in your life to fulfill His purpose. These connections are not by accident.

Last July, I was asked to speak at an event where another young woman was asked to sing.

That beautiful young woman was Emma Danzey.

The connection was immediate and today, Emma (22) and I (52) are Founders and Partners of the Polished Conference for Teens.

I tell the age because…well, because I’m laughing! Who would have thought? So pay attention to the unsuspecting friendships that develop—you may be surprised.

In retrospect, I understand now how God has used many people in my life to fulfill His purpose.

He is divinely connecting the dots in your life as well.

You just say “yes” to where He says go.

Happy Ministry Anniversary, Emma Danzey!

For more information on Emma’s music ministry go to:

If you would like to see more about the polished conference, go to

For information about my NEW Bible study for teens, being published this August, visit my website at or email me directly:

We would LOVE to do ministry in your area. Contact us today!

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3 Responses to Connecting-the-(people)Dots

  1. Jan Westmark says:

    Happy Anniversary Ladies! Praying for a wonderful year filled with many Polished Conferences!!

  2. Jill Pruett says:

    Congrats to you both! The Polished ministry will be such a blessing to so many girls!

  3. Gloria Spears says:

    Excited to see how God knit this Polished Conference ( you two) together. God sure knows how to connect the people dots!! 😀 Happy anniversary! Praying -Open doors for more Polished conferences – nationwide!

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