A Strong Math Foundation: Ages 3-6

Shining Together!

IMG_2868Summer is here! Maybe your preschooler is on his/her way to kindergarten in August. Or perhaps your have a rising first grader who could use a review. Here’s something you can do with your kiddos to help them be prepared for the math they will do.

Before children can do basic addition and subtraction, they need to conceptually understand what makes a group. This basic mathematical skill is called sorting. But it’s often overlooked as we eagerly jump right into counting… and then adding and subtracting. Not fully understanding a concept can create problems when mathematical concepts become more complicated. You may have experienced this yourself- you learned facts and were able to memorize them, so you did well in math…until middle school.

So while you are waiting for your child to go to pre-school, kindergarten, or even first grade, here is a fun activity you can do at home. 

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