Precious and Powerful

Will, age 6, protecting his home.

Will, age 6, protecting his home.

In his footed pajamas, Will tiptoed quietly down the dimly lit hallway early in the morning before the sun was even up. With tired looking eyes, the little 2 ½ year old spied me sitting in my chair, next to a small lamp with my Bible open on my lap.

“Wha’ cha doing, mom?”

“Praying,” I said.

“Are you…are you prayin’ for me?”

With a smile on my face I scooped up my little son and chuckled, “Yes, I’m praying for you.”

That was 17 years ago.

Sometimes as I sit in the same chair, in the same house, I peer down the hall to where my young son once stood, asking if I was praying for him. I hear that sweet voice like it was yesterday.

Today, however, I hear strong, adult voices-the voices of Will and his sisters.

The weekly text messages, phone calls, and emails I receive asking me to pray about a college exam, sickness, for their friend, or an important decision to be made, let me know that they witnessed their mother’s commitment to pray.

Praying for our children is the single best thing we’ll ever do for them. I often think of it like this: If I don’t pray for my children, then who will? Lamentations 2:19 tells us to cry out to God for the life of our children. Many times we see our prayers answered just like we prayed. But sometimes we never know what our prayers protected our children from or how our prayers changed them.

Our children are a precious gift to us. And our prayers for them are our powerful gift back.

Debbie is co-founder of Shine! Ministries and a partner with The Polished Conference. She is the author of one Bible Study, “Shine! Young Women Radiating the Love of God,” available fall, 2015. She would love to speak at your next women’s event. For more information visit her website: or visit her page on facebook: shineministriesnc. Contact her directly at



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6 Responses to Precious and Powerful

  1. Jan Westmark says:

    Very sweet Debbie. And so true!

  2. Jan, thanks for reading! I enjoy reading your blogs too. 🙂

  3. Gloria Spears says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Debbie. :)) We keep praying for our kids, no matter their age. 😀
    Our prayers for our kids, truly are a powerful gift back to us. Amen!!

  4. Thank you for reading Gloria. 🙂 No matter their age… we will always pray for our children. Thank you, Gloria, for praying for mine and being a supporter of them. I am praying for yours! I love you, my friend, and my sister in Christ.

  5. Connie Mosser says:

    Absolutely. God only knows what might have happened to our kids had we not been praying mommas! What a beautiful blessing to see our prayers answered when we finally get through those teen years!!!!

  6. Connie, you are so right! Thanks for reading… “God, Take care of Connie today and lead her decisions. Give guidance to her adult children. in Jesus name.”

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