Spiritual Amnesia

IMG_20141121_151220_263They whined and cried, grumbled and complained.

I’m not talking about the preschool children.

I’m referring to the Children of Israel…you know, the Jewish people whom God freed from captivity. While reading Psalm 105-106 this morning, I was reminded of what God did for them. God sent plagues on their behalf. Plagues of blood, frogs, swarms of flies, and lice…to name a few, all for their freedom! He then led them by a cloud by day and fire by night. He divided the Red Sea. He split the rocks and gave them water. He rained down manna and meat. He took care of their clothes…and their feet!

They had witnessed God’s provision, compassion, and straight up miracles, and yet they continued to sin.

Psalm 106:21 says, They forgot God their Savior. And Psalm 106:24-25 says, Then they despised the pleasant land; they did not believe His word. But complained in their tents. And did not heed the voice of the Lord.

Really? That’s sounds so shocking that a “delivered people,” a freed people, would be so ungrateful!

Psalm 78:19 says they even mocked God, “Can you prepare a feast in the wilderness.”

Yeah, God, Can ya? Bet you can’t do this or make that happen.

And yet I am convicted. I realize that I sometimes complain and act like God can’t or won’t intervene. I forget what he has done for me all these years.  It’s not like I literally forget– it’s more like I fail to be awed or amazed by the  miracles performed in my life, His provision, or the way God takes something that appears bad…is bad…and turns it around to make it good.

And yet I so easily forget. Or when adversities come back around, I worry and complain, forgetting what God has done for me in the past, denying myself of the hope I have for the future. Let’s stop.

Let’s physically stop and examine our lives for evidence of God’s work. What has God done for you in the past? What miracles? What happened that clearly shouldn’t have happened? What started as bad but God made good? What divine connections did God make for you?

Today, reflect and ponder. Even write it down…the mercies and miracles. Then when adversity comes again, you will remember that God was faithful then, and He will be faithful now.

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men! Psalm 107:8…and 15…21…and 31. 4x this verse in repeated. (NKJV)

Do not forget the works of God. Psalm 78:7

Debbie is a published author, national speaker and workshop presenter, co-founder of Shine! Ministries and a partner with the Polished Conference L.L.C. In addition, she has an online Bible study page on Facebook, teaches Bible study in her church, is a monthly contributor to Refined Magazine, and blogs at Living Life Together. Debbie has written Shine! Radiating the Love of God, a Bible study designed exclusively for young women ages 13-18. Additionally, she has articles in the Divine Moments series. All books are available at grace-publishing.com. She would love to speak at your next women’s event, teen event, or at the college where she brings an inspirational message to teachers in training called, “A Christian Perspective for an Inspirational Classroom.” Debbie is married and has three adult children. She travels from Asheville, NC. Visit her website at www.debbiepresnell.com, email her at:debpres@yahoo.com, or visit her page on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/shineministriesnc/


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8 Responses to Spiritual Amnesia

  1. Jill Pruett says:

    That was a great reminder of how God loves us ALL the time! Thank you, Debbie!

  2. yes, even when we forget about His goodness, and whine and complain. Yes, He still loved them! And He still loves us!! Thanks, Jill! I should have said that. I love you!

  3. Yvonne montgomery says:

    whooooo-weeeeee! So great! God’s Word never returns void! Pick up that Bible! Read it! It talks back to you! Do what it says! Thank You, Lord, for Your Scriptures to Remind us of WHO YOU are! And thank you Debbie, for giving your time and energy to write these blogs to encourage and teach others about our AWESOME SAVIOR! ( I need some more adjectives to add to Awesome – come on, Sisters, and help me!)

  4. Gloria Spears says:

    This is a great encouragement! I too need to always remember the blessings God has so freely given, and cast out complaining, doubt and fear! Thanks sweet friend. Amen!!

  5. Thanks, Gloria, for reading my blog! you are a dear encourager to me!

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