Simple Ways to Make Your Home Warm and Inviting During the Autumn Season

Then the tress of the woods shall rejoice before the Lord. I Chronicles 16:33a

When the leaves on the trees change to vibrant red, orange, and yellow, that’s what I imagine they are doing….rejoicing passionately before the Lord! Rejoicing in the new season!

IMG_3036I want my home to also rejoice and reflect a passion for God’s color and creativity.

These are simple things that I do to create a warm and inviting home that not only welcomes my friends, but welcomes the season.

  1. IMG_3017Create an inviting entrance by hanging a wreath on the front door. Wreaths can range in price a great deal. I bought this one at a craft fair for a reasonable price several years ago.
  2. I decorate the front steps with an array of mums, IMG_3035pumpkins, gourds, apples, and     scarecrows. (I usually find two corn stalks to attach to the column but haven’t found any this year.) I became discouraged when some of mums didn’t bloom so brightly or as often as I wanted. So I confess that some of my mums are artificial ones! Shhhh…let’s keep that our little secret. Don’t forget a great fall flag.
  3. IMG_3020I change the cushions on the wicker furniture onIMG_3021 my front porch to green and orange. My newest edition was bought this season—the cutest little owl, from Cracker Barrel. Cushions positioned on the chairs seem to say, sit for a while.IMG_3037
  4. IMG_3023 The mantle is a focal point in our kitchen. A few colored leaves in the existing centerpiece add a splash of fall amidst the white pumpkins.IMG_3024
  5. IMG_3029My kitchen table is the most used space in the entire house so this center piece is important. The hurricane-type candle holders, from Southern Living at Home, I’ve had for several years. Just toss in some autumn leaves and a pumpkin and…fall is here!
  6. Fresh coffee mugs, an autumn dish towel, andIMG_3031 a pumpkin spice labeled coffee canister say, “Good morning! It’s a crisp, colorful day!” Have cider on hand for the kiddos.
  7. IMG_3034From the kitchen window I hang a scare crow bird house. I intentionally place his face towards the kitchen window. His expression just cracks me up! Another great way to start the day.
  8. I always put out something my children IMG_3012created when they were young. It makes me feel good to reflect on their creations, but makes me feel even better when I watch my three grown children reminisce. (A blog coming soon… a Thanksgiving Keepsake Craft!) Then I change out the picture in the frame to a seasonal childhood picture.
  9. Finally, I light a candle to delight the senses! This year I thought I’d save money by purchasing an off-brand candle for $5.00 at the drugstore. It turns out that I wasted $5.00 instead of saving because the candle didn’t even fragrance the room. So I headed over the Bed, Bath, and Beyond and purchased a Pumpkin Spice Yankee candle that was the “fragrance of the month” and therefore, on sale. I used my additional 20% coupon I received in the mail for IMG_3025additional savings.

10.  And for the children and grandchildren? Collect your fall and Thanksgiving children’s books and place into a basket. Making them visible and attractive will encourage reading.


I would love to hear about your ideas too! Blessing on this day, this season, and your family!

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7 Responses to Simple Ways to Make Your Home Warm and Inviting During the Autumn Season

  1. Yvonne montgomery says:

    Deb, Each Season Your home always looks so pleasing/pleasant outside and inside, too! Thanks for this beautiful decorating blog – and isn’t it about time for another “Porch Party?” Love you bushels!

  2. A porch party is a fabulous idea. Let’s plan it! 🙂 Love you!

  3. Jill Pruett says:

    Loved the fall ideas and the pictures, Deb! I wish we were having a cup of coffee together right now! Thanks for sharing your good ideas. Love you!

  4. What a true blessing from God that He would provide the gift of friendship. Let’s plan “coffee time” and a morning walk. 🙂

  5. Diane Foote says:

    Great post Debbie! Makes me miss my “stuff”. Next year!

  6. Gloria Spears says:

    🍁 Beautiful Debbie! Your home is always warm, cozy and inviting. Love coming to visit you, as you make me feel special every time. Your autum decorating is over the top. Love your fall ideas. Looks as though your front porch, should be in Southern Living magazine or similar. Love you.🍁

  7. Gerda says:

    Hi Deb,
    Your creativity always amazes me. Thank you for the great idea of switching the pillows (or their cases) to go with the fall season. Our house has some fun decorations, but I really look forward to all the fall vegies, the baking and soup making that are about to begin. Yummmmmmm! Love, gto

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