A Summer Writing Project your PreK-8 Children Will Love!


Hard Cover Journal from a Dollar Store

Schools out for summer and the kids are home. I can attest to the validity of studies suggesting that students can digress academically over the summer. It can take up to six weeks of review just to put them back at the level they were prior to summer break. What would help them stay at and even exceed their current level in reading and writing?

Not a workbook or worksheets.
Not flashcards.
These can be boring, not on the appropriate interest level for the child, and meaningless. Bring some EXCITEMENT into a reading & writing project that is inexpensive, fun to do and a keepsake too!

While having fun and creating a memory, your children will practice:

  • Spelling
  • Complete sentence structure


    Three Prong Folder for 10 Cents and Loose Leaf Paper

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Phonics
  • Context clues
  • Handwriting

In addition, he/she will become confident in his/her abilities and self-esteem will be strengthened. Confidence in oneself is motivation for learning in all areas.


Summer Before First Grade


1. Purchase a spiral notebook, three-prong folder with loose leaf paper or plain typing paper, or a journal from the a dollar store.
2. You will need a camera. (Digital or single use camera)
3. Using markers, title the journal or notebook, My Summer Time Fun (or something else
you like)
4. Each day your child writes about something he/she did or experienced. Someone can take a picture of them doing it or they can illustrate a picture themselves.It can be very simple:


Summer After Kindergarten

“Today I climbed a tree.”
“I went to Home Depot with Dad to buy paint.”
“We had a picnic at the lake.”

Dictation- For a Non-Reader/Writer

Dictation- For a Non-Reader/Writer

Pre-k children can tell you about their picture and you can write down what he/she
says (dictation).
K-1 children shouldn’t worry about perfect spelling. “Sounding out words” is still
using phonics, which is necessary. But with so many silent letters or letters that “break the rules,” children could become frustrated. The point is to ENJOY the process of writing and to write meaningful content. The more reading and writing your child does,

Summer After Third Grade

Summer After Third Grade

they will see the correct spellings. Older children can be expected to write more.
5. Take the journal on vacation. Take pictures, cut them out and glue them down and write about what’s happening. You can use the pictures from postcards and paper menus too.
6. Provide your children with lots of experiences so they have something to write about. Again, these are as simple as “We planted flowers.” or “I helped mommy make a cake.”
8. You can also write your own cards                                                                                                   and letters for Grandparents.

9. Children are eager to read back to you what they’ve written.

A Sixth Grader's Journal Entry

A Sixth Graders Journal Entry

10. Finally, what a wonderful keepsake for everybody! Worksheets usually get thrown away but a journal like this while be saved for the next generation to read about what “their Grandpa did when he was six.”

Enjoy this summer and write on!

Debbie was a former K-3 teacher for 9 years and a college instructor for 21 years where she taught future teachers successful reading and writing strategies.

Debbie is a published author, national speaker and workshop presenter, and a partner with the Polished Conference Ministries L.L.C. She facilitates an online Bible study page on Facebook, teaches Bible study in her church, and blogs at Shining Together! Debbie has written Shine! Radiating the Love of God, a Bible study designed exclusively for young women ages 13-18. Additionally, she has articles in the Divine Moments series, and is a monthly contributor to Refined Magazine. All books are available at grace-publishing.com. She would love to speak at your next women’s event, teen event, or at the college where she brings an inspirational message to teachers in training called, “A Christian Perspective for an Inspirational Classroom.” Debbie is married and has three adult children. She travels from Asheville, NC. Visit her website at www.debbiepresnell.com, email her at: debpres@yahoo.com, or visit her page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShineEveryDayNC.



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7 Responses to A Summer Writing Project your PreK-8 Children Will Love!

  1. Gloria Spears says:

    Great ideas! I’m going to share this on my Facebook page!

  2. Wonderful! Thank you! And what’s cool is…I’m starting over with my granddaughter. When she visits, we start writing and making books. She will go to kindergarten understanding the “concept of print.” Let’s do this with your granddaughter too!

  3. Gerda says:

    Keep up the great work and encouragement! We can all use it. Love, Gerda

  4. Thank you my friend! I’ll have another by next week! Love!!!

  5. Reblogged this on Living Life Together and commented:

    Here it is…just in time for summer!

  6. Gloria Spears says:

    Great summer time ideas for our kids! I’m passing along too on FB! Love! ❤️

  7. Awh, thanks Gloria!! let’s all have an amazing summer!!

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