The View from Above

There were no life changing decisions to be made and life was fine, so to speak. But there was a stirring in me. Busy with home responsibilities, children, and work, I had neither the time nor solitude to search for the answers I so desperately needed. Answers to the daily bombardment of questions and decisions I faced as a busy woman. So I looked forward to an upcoming education conference and having some quality time alone with God.

Prior to my time away I prayed for 30 days that God would open my eyes to see His will and reveal Himself to me. I just wanted God to speak to me!

God, please meet me at this conference and show me something…teach me something…anything, I need Your help. I need to know what to do.

When the time arrived my accommodations were in a cozy hotel room located on the 28th floor. After settling in, I ordered an early dinner from room service, turned on praise music, and opened the Bible. Expecting answers to the decisions I needed to make, I read and prayed.

Read some more.

Then prayed some more. Three hours passed. Nothing. Quiet. I was looking for an epiphany but it was ordinary and regular.

God, where is my answer? Aren’t you listening? I thought You were going to show me something. I prayed for 30 days in preparation to meet You here. I thought we had an appointment. But instead I have nothing new.

I closed my Bible. I pulled up a comfy chair and peered out the large picture window that framed a breathtaking sunset. From this high I could see for what seemed to be miles. Then my eyes were drawn below to a traffic jam on the interstate. The road was gridlock and cars were backed up for miles. Instead of the hoped-for peaceful view, I saw a disaster on the highway, reminding me of my own confusion. I heard sirens and saw emergency vehicles. It seemed as though my life was one of those cars, stuck and unable to move, or heading for disaster. Cars would approach the on ramp and I wanted to warn them. From my birds-eye vantage point, I could see both impending dangers and the better route. I wanted to shout,

“You’d better slow down ‘cause you don’t know what’s coming.”
“If you only knew what lies ahead, you’d go the other way.”
“If you keep going you’ll wind up stalled, with no way out.”

Then I pushed up from my chair, shook my index finger at the traffic and vehemently chastised, “If you knew what I knew you’d go the other way!”

Then God whispered to my heart, “That’s just like me!”

At that moment I felt the hairs stand up on my arms while I drew in a long breath before a slow exhale. The scene outside my window was an answer to my prayer. God had indeed showed up and showed me a concrete picture of the lesson I needed to learn.
I observed a scene of people making decisions based on what they thought was the best way to go. They couldn’t have known the road would lead to a wreck. But from high above I saw what was down the road.

That is like God! Oh, indeed, He did open my eyes and reveal himself to me.

The sun sank into the horizon and the sky darkened. But my heart was light with the peace that passes all understanding.
I realized that God knows what’s around the corner, at the end of my road, and at the bottom of my valley. I may not understand why God puts up certain road blocks but I can put my faith In Him and stay focused on the sunsets and not the traffic jams in my life.

God knows I could go in the wrong direction.

Psalm 119:105 (NKJV) says “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

I can continue in prayer and Bible study and trust that God will lead me in the right direction. I can’t see the future the way that God does but God can lead me away from a potential wreck of wrong choices. The wreck made me come to the conclusion that God knows the right path for me. Yes, indeed, after 30 days of praying for God to reveal Himself to me …He showed up.

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15 Responses to The View from Above

  1. rca122 says:

    ❤ of course He did! Thanks so much for sharing this amazing word picture for us! :~)

  2. Gerda says:

    Hi Deb,
    What a stark epiphany; loved your application.
    May I add, whenever we get caught in slow or stopped traffic, (after my frustration fades) I suddenly wonder what God prevented from happening and what He saved me from by changing my pace.
    Much love,

  3. Jill Pruett says:

    I was totally sharing your “bird’s-eye” view with you! What an awesome way for God to reveal himself in your busy life. Thank you for reminding me that He always sees the big picture! Xoxo

    • Jill, Yep, sometimes I forget that “He’s got this–He know the whole story.” You know? My hair stood up again when I wrote this. God is so amazing! He cares for us sooooo much! Thanks for reading and your comment. )

  4. Carol Anderson says:

    Good one. Extraordinary in the ordinary. Love the perspective and the creativity of God to speak through the unexpected.

  5. He does that, right? If I would listen better I’d hear more…or see more. ) Thanks for reading Carol!

  6. Diane Foote says:

    Another good blog!! We are so focused on the path we often can’t see what he wants us to see. But, he’s always looking from his birds eye view above. Thanks for that visual reminder.

  7. Miriam Lewis says:

    Deb, I so loved this. I needed this. God speaks to me and I try do to just what He tells me. I know He has a plan for my life, and I know He will reveal it to me in His own precious time. I love God and I need Him every minute of everyday. God bless you for these wounderful words of wisdom. I love you.

  8. Yes and Yes!!! He does have a beautiful plan for your life…and He is revealing it even today as you minister to your grandchildren and to the preschoolers you teach in Sunday school. You are making a difference in their lives!! We do need God every minute. Thank you for you encouraging words to me. To God be ALL THE GLORY that He can take these words and bless you with them. Love you too, Miriam. 🙂

  9. Gloria Spears says:

    Debbie this is excellent! I love this perceptive. God showed up in a subtle, yet defining way! Touched my heart and encouraged me. You made a divine appointment with God & He gave you a divine answer. Love it when God gives us a nugget!! Thanks for sharing! Much love. Gloria ❤

  10. Olga Miller says:

    What an amazing story. God always shows up when we least expect him. This story reminded me of some of the troubles, I have gone threw in my years of my life, going the wrong direction and then turning around to head the right direction and never turning back. I will never forget what he has done for me and my family. Thanks for sharing it.

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