A Woman and Her S.W.A.T Team

Will, age 6, protecting his home.

Will, age 6, protecting his home.

I applied my heart and I learned a lesson from what I saw.                                            Proverbs 24:32

 Clothed in camouflage, boots, and holster, Will sat motionless perched in his favorite evergreen. The bandanna he wore around his face hid his freckles, and the hard cap covered his curly red hair.

Cautiously he emerged from behind the shadowy branches and made his way down the tree. With wooden dagger in one hand and play rifle in the other, Will zigzagged across the grass and through a narrow strip of woods. He darted behind trees and froze. Having reached his goal he hid beneath a large azalea bush. He watched. The six-year old SWAT guy was protecting his home.

Will’s dad was a former SWAT team member (special weapons and tactics). Will loved standing at the back of dad’s police car watching with great adoration as he put on his armor and prepared his weapons.

While observing Will play in the yard for an hour I learned a lesson.

Just as my husband wouldn’t go on a police call with a wooden dagger and a play rifle, I too, need to suit up with my own Special Weapons and Tactics before I start my day.

 Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.

                                                Eph. 6:11 (NIV)


Hate, deception, immorality, theft, and murder are obvious results of his scheming. But the enemy plots to destroy in less obvious ways too. And it usually begins as a thought.

If he can get us distracted from God’s truth then we’ll begin to see things from the world’s perspective…a selfish perspective.

Satan uses the media to accomplish this task. Say you’re watching television.

The woman in an adulterous affair appears to be having fun, wrapped up in the romance of a new or mysterious love. As you watch you become envious, wishing your own husband could be like that. You find yourself discontented.

Perhaps you see all the fine homes and the array of appliances and décor that fill them and you decide you deserve that too.

It must be okay to engage in gossip because everyone is doing it.

What began as a thought…can lead to destruction.

Good news, though!

Scripture teaches that we have protection and power against his schemes.             

Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

Ephesians 6:14-17 NIV

So let’s get dressed before we start our day!

 Put on:

1.  Your Sword– God’s words are recorded in the Bible. Read the Bible. Choose to believe.  When Satan personally attacks you with:

You’re guilty!

God says, You’re forgiven. (II Chronicles 7:14)

You’re hopeless!

God says, I’m your hope. (Romans 15:13)

You better be afraid!

God says, Do not fear. (John 14:27).

You’re stupid!

God says, I’ll give you wisdom. (James 1:5)

God’s truth acts as a sword.

2.  Your Shield– Pray for faith. Pray every time you feel sorrow and anxiety.  Pick up the Bible (the Sword of Truth) and read that God is faithful. He alone is your strength and your help. Fight back by believing the promises of God, despite how you are feeling. Your faith is your shield.

3. Righteousness– Seek and desire to do God’s will. Get into a Bible believing church. Hang out with others who will pray for you. Righteousness is your breastplate.

When we began to apply the truth and disregard Satan’s lies, our faith grows and acts as a shield that wouldn’t allow the flaming arrows of the devil to pierce us.

Like Will, suit up with your special weapons and tactics and fight whatever Satan throws your way.


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14 Responses to A Woman and Her S.W.A.T Team

  1. Diane Foote says:

    Wow!! Don’t know that I’ve compared my armor to a SWAT team. But, it is even greater actually. Thanks once again for that stirring reminder of who I am in Christ. Bless you sista! Your favorite, Diane

  2. yvon63Y says:

    Wonderful thoughts, Debbie. Thanks. Blessings and best wishes, Yvonne L.

  3. LynnK says:

    Thank you Debbie for this clear and precise reminder of how we can protect ourselves and how Jesus always provides a way out…we can’t do anything without Him. Keep these blogs coming!! Much love, LynnK

  4. yvonne montgomery says:

    Oh, Debbie! This is So perfect! If all Christian Believers would pick up their Bible daily, read, and pray for wisdom to understand and APPLY to our life, we could have such peace and divine protection….. plus frustrate satan so much that he would think twice before coming at us!!
    Please know this blog brought tears to my eyes. I love you!

  5. Miriam Lewis says:

    Thanks Debrah for this most inspiring words. I love you and those wonderful words. God Bless you

  6. Gerda says:

    Dear Deb,
    You touched on a rarely discussed part of fighting the evil one: praying that the peace of God [through the Holy Spirit] will “guard our hearts and minds through Jesus Christ our Lord.” (Phil 4:7 and John 14:27) As you mentioned, part of this peace is contentment. Sin begins when I return to an unguarded thought and visit it repeatedly. This thought gives sin soil in which to take root and grow, and can lead to actions that dishonor God. Satan can be very creative–think also C.S. Lewis’s, “The Screwtape Letters.”
    (Also beware and be wary of movies/shows that manipulate viewers into subtle complicity with illicit actions. In one of her essays for WORLD magazine, Andree Seu Peterson describes how used she felt after re-watching her (and my) then-favorite movie, “Doctor Zhivago.” We foolishly rooted for the doctor-nurse relationship while dissing the mousy, submissive, sacrificial, seldom seen wife. Ugh!)

  7. Constance says:

    Great stuff. Thank you for always encouraging me. It seems to come at the exact time that I need it. Your heart is such a pure reflection of who God is!!

  8. Angela Strickland says:

    What a great message, during a time when we are all fighting for something, or even feeling afraid of our future. Trust in the Lord, and lay his word on us like a shield, practice our faith with every breath we take. God bless you Deborah for caring enough of other Christians to help lift us with words of encouragement. I can see God in you. Thank you my friend, Angela Strickland

    • HI Angela, Thanks for reading my post! I think I need to reread it and “suit up” against the enemy’s attacks today! I am so thankful for precious, godly friends like you that breath words of encouragement back into my like. THANK YOU my friend!! 🙂

  9. What a wonderful story reminding us to put on the full armor of God. Another wonderful post, Deb!

  10. Susan, I enjoy hearing from you…always so kind and encouraging! Love you!

  11. Kelly Rice says:

    God has used my children to teach me some of my greatest lessons. I love how He reveals His character to us through our daily lives. And as for “suiting up”….. you are right on!

    • Ohhhh…. you are so right about that! All three of my children have taught me Biblical lessons, shown me who God really is, and brought me closer to HIM! I loved sharing my “Will stories” in class. 🙂

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